With This Groove

Song created and written by Edgar de Leon

Musical Producer: Victor Castro

Video Producer: Rajiv Jadhav 

With This Groove Video Project with various San Fracisco-based recording artists.

Inspired SF-based recording artists collaborate to honor the historic presidential victory

A year and a half ago, I started writing and collaborating with long-time friend and music producer, Victor Castro, on a song with various San Francisco-based recording artists (i.e. members and affiliates of the San Francisco Latin Rock groups MALO, Hip Spanic Allstars  & Los Mocosos), called "With this Groove."

The song describes my spiritual journey, and the hope that leaders like Biden and Harris inspire in me and others. Directly following the presidential victory, I commissioned a music video with producer Rajiv Jadhav that directly and sincerely honors and pays homage to the new Biden-Harris Administration.

It's been a pleasure sharing the message of unity with the nation and the world.                 

- Edgar de Leon

Empower our Youth with the Ability to Dream, and then, to Equip them to Pursue those Dreams until Fruition.


In the making of the music video project

Edgar de Leon

Edgar de Leon Group

Rajiv Jadhav

CEO - RSquare Media NY

Alberto SIlva

Founder - Storypages SF

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Behind the Project

"(With This Groove)... is intended for anyone to adopt the song for themselves" 

Edgar de Leon

"The intention behind With This Groove really touched my heart. This is what America needs right now... The message of hope" 

Rajiv Jadhav
Video Producer

Praise for 'With This Groove'

“I have witnessed your passion in music and service for the community and beyond. Your love and your advocacy for peace and unity have inspired us here at our congregation.”
Fr. Leonard Oakes

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